Latest “New” Painting!

This is an image I found on the internet, of the actual Norfin “Troll” sweatshirt I had, as a kid!

“Michelle Tanner,” from the “Full House” sitcom, wearing the adorable top, featuring, a very cute graphic!

Picture Day

I have finally finished my “newest” painting. It has taken me, much longer to complete- at least 3 months, in comparison to my other three. This is because I had a family situation, which I had to take care of, quite quickly, before I could return to my art. You may remember my “Father’s Day” post, stating that I have lost my father. So, with that being said, I haven’t had a lot of creative energy lately. However, I have regained it and I’m doing fine. Thanks for understanding.

This is the fourth and final painting, in the small series, which I’ve been working on, since late last year. Each painting, depicts a young girl, at a different stage in her life. They are all painted in a rather, different style, so, I don’t know if they could be considered cohesive. I’m not so sure, I was successful, in that matter. I do think they all tell a story to a degree, and are pleasing to the eye.

It is called, Picture Day. It is pretty self-explanatory, I think. I “pictured (yes, literally),” an elementary school age little girl, preferably, 7 or 8 years old, posing for her school/yearbook photo. I thought about my own school pictures and browsed the internet, for some ideas. After that, I decided she should have that “awkward, but cute” look, in this painting/illustration. I had had an idea of a little girl, who has decided to “dress herself” for this “special” day, wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a graphic design, across the front and high, crimped pigtails, adorned with lavender, yarn hair ribbons. This is probably the way I would have dressed, for one of my school pictures.

In order to achieve the “awkward” look, I added a few, subtle things. One, being the gaps in between her teeth, as she grins for the camera. After all, how many of us as kids, flashed a “fake” smile, when our parents or photographer said, “smile” or “say cheese?” Kids do it, to this day. For another one, I have one crimped, pigtail slightly higher, than the other, and the yarn ribbons are a bit scattered. She has beautiful, titian-colored, if not, “carrot-top” red hair, which makes her all the more, “impish.” She doesn’t necessarily fall under the “Big Eye” style, though. This painting/illustration I would say, is just “kitsch,” above everything else. She’s the epitome of a kid on “Picture Day,” at school.

The “over sized sweatshirt” was inspired by one of my own, which I had, in the second grade. The graphic featured a Norfin girl “Troll” character, wearing cool, “party” clothes, almost in a “Hip Hop” style and it said things like, “Celebrate,” “Party,” etc., across the front. The Norfin “Trolls” were featured on a lot of merchandise and clothing, back in the early 1990s. There were also the actual “Troll” dolls, as well. I still have most of mine. Another inspiration comes from an adorable outfit, which Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens’ character, “Michelle Tanner,” wore on the sitcom, “Full House.” The graphic on that top, features, a “little dancing girl,” which bears a strong resemblance, to one of the 1980s “Hugga Bunch” characters. I don’t know if that was the intention, but I noticed it right away, when I saw a rerun of the episode. I always thought “Michelle Tanner” had the cutest clothing, on the show. I borrowed this same graphic, and drew it, on another little girl’s top, which I illustrated in the Summer of 2011. You can find it under the category, 2011 Summer Drawings and it’s the third drawing, featured in the slideshow.

It was difficult trying to “merge” both characters/graphics together, but I managed. I borrowed design/composition ideas, from each one, in order to create my own. Then, I chose my own words/phrases to paint around, my character. I feel I did fairly well. Trying to paint the “splotchy” technique around the graphic was a little challenging, so I had to suggest it. This seems to have been a popular clothing design, in the early 1990s. I remember seeing it, a lot.

Now, the background was fairly easy. As we all know, most school pictures have that “blue” shade, with a hint of “cloudy white,” in every which way, for the backdrop. It’s just so generic and yes, a bit “cheesy,” and I think I was able to do a decent job of portraying this. The only difficult part, was painting around her “crimped” hair, since she has a lot of it. Her hair looks like a cross between “Raggedy Ann” and the character, “Fancy Nancy” from the popular books, by Jane O’Connor.

Once I started working on this painting again, everything came together. I definitely think it has the “1990s” look, with her choice of clothing and just, well, the overall look. I don’t have any other way, of saying it. Hopefully, she doesn’t look like a ventriloquist dummy, due to her stiff posture. However, kids tend to look this way, in their school pictures or in other photos, for that matter. I feel as though, it’s accurate.

This painting is done in acrylic and measures, 11 x 14 inches.

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4th. Of July Greetings!

I hope all of you have a very nice day, today! Happy 4th. Of July!

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Father’s Day Greetings!

This will be the first Father’s Day, without my Dad. Sadly, I lost him last month, but I know he is at peace, now. Take time to wish your Dad, a Happy Father’s Day, today. Life is too short.

Why? Because he’s important, too!

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Mother’s Day Greetings!

Don’t forget to let Mom know, just how special she is, or any special lady, in your life, today, and definitely tomorrow!

Shower Mom……with lots of LOVE!

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Another New Painting!

The adorable Mia Talerico; this is the best image I could find, to show the “kitty” shirt.

Her Playroom

This is the third painting, in the small series I’ve been working on. It goes with the two paintings, I posted, previously. I have been working on this one, for quite awhile and I’m now very happy, to get to share it, with all of you. So, thank you for taking an interest.

It is called, Her Playroom. For this one, I also created a scenario around a little girl. It was very important that I make sure, she was illustrated this way. I still wanted to follow in the vintage, “Big Eye” style, but I wanted her to have age appropriate, facial features-no “really long” eyelashes or “overly large” eyes. Also, I didn’t want her to look as though, she was wearing any make up. She only needed a slight, “rosy” hint on her cheeks and that’s it. I feel as though, I was able to capture this.

I was inspired by an actual photograph, I came across, while browsing the internet, for other ideas. The photograph features two little girls, obviously, sisters, in their playroom/bedroom and seated next to one of them, is a white poodle, ride-on toy, with a painted face. I knew then, I wanted to illustrate a scene, like it. So, that’s how this illustration/painting happened. Basically, it tells the same story as the photograph, but instead, it features one little girl, enjoying her playroom, with her favorite toy. However, her poodle is wearing a collar and has a leash, so she can take him/her, wherever she goes. I noticed in the photograph, there is wallpaper, with cute designs in the bedroom, and I wanted to create my own, for the painting. I decided I would illustrate “baby elephants,” because they are so cute and I thought it would be appropriate, for a child’s playroom. Each one is posing differently, in a patch of grass and tiny blossoms. They all have their “mouse sidekick,” with the exception of two. For some reason, I painted them “pink,” not to refer to someone, who is hallucinating from alcohol, but for the “childlike” quality. If you notice, vintage wallpaper often has animals, that are different colors, other than what they truly are. Actually, that’s the way children’s wallpaper looks, anyway. It’s all about imagination and childhood, combined. Plus, I think chubby, pink baby elephants, are adorable.

The little girl’s outfit is inspired by a top, which the actress Mia Talerico wore, on an episode of the Disney Channel show, “Good Luck Charlie.” The top I illustrated/painted is almost identical, but not quite. The cat/kitten on mine is much smaller and the Swiss dots are white, instead of silver. Also, the color of the top is a richer, “pink” shade. I know that if I was a little girl, I would have loved this top! I paired “bloomer” shorts with it, since I felt the entire outfit, is what you would call, “play clothes.” Unfortunately, I don’t know who the company/artist is, who designed the top, so I can’t give them credit, but they certainly inspired me, regardless.

This painting had its difficulties. I illustrated the little girl, as if she’s leaning against the wall, with her legs tucked to the side. Her other arm is rather difficult to see, because it’s behind her back and I’m not so sure, it’s proportioned, correctly. I decided to leave it alone, though. Shading and adding value behind her, wasn’t easy and again, I’m not sure of myself. There’s a faint shadow behind her and I really didn’t think it needed much more.

This painting is done in acrylic and measures, 11 x 14 inches.

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Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter, to all of you! Hope you have a nice day with family, friends, or both!

This vintage Easter card is so cute! The little girl, reminds me of Shirley Temple.

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Bashful kitty! So cute!

Hope you’re wearing GREEN, today! But most importantly, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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