Christmas Candy Garland Necklace!

As an "actual," Christmas necklace!

2. As an “actual,” Christmas necklace!

As a Christmas tree garland, turned necklace

1. As a Christmas tree garland, turned necklace!

This is basically a necklace, I revamped. The plastic “candies” featured, actually were tied and knotted from a sparkly cord, as you can see in the first photo, above. It was originally a garland, intended to decorate a Christmas tree, but I thought, it would make a really cute and fun necklace to wear with a Christmas outfit, or in recent years, an ugly Christmas sweater. I bought it from a Big Lots store, at least nine years ago. Before revamping it, I wore it just the way it was, and tied the end, in a small, knotted bow. I received quite a few compliments over the years, when I wore it.

While I liked it the way it was, I always felt it should have a chain, instead of a cord. However, as always, I knew it needed to have the right kind of chain. So, I decided I would try to find a chunky chain, since the plastic candies, are fair-sized. It’s certainly not what I would call, a delicate necklace. It’s flat-out gaudy, in my opinion! But, that’s what makes it eye-catching! Finally, I did find a nice, long silver chain. As “Goldilocks” thought in the story, The Three Bears, it was just right. It had an extra lobster claw catch on it, which I didn’t need, so I removed it.

Next, I untied the plastic candies, from the sparkly cord, which took some time. I selected some of my smaller, silver jump rings to attach them all, to the chain, which was the next job. Fortunately, the plastic candies have small holes, at the top of their wrappers. This made it easy, to attach the jump rings.  I tried to create a rainbow pattern, with the order of the candies’ colors, so they wouldn’t look the same. However, there wasn’t an even number of the colors, so I had to improvise. I added the last candy, to the one in the middle. It balances it out, I think. As I added each candy to the chain, I counted up at least ten spots, or chain links, so there would be an even space, between each. I still have some space, on each side of the chain, but it still works, regardless. It’s the kind of chain, where you can adjust how long, you would like it to be.

I do hope this all makes sense. It’s kind of hard, to explain. The photographs may help, though. I know one thing, I will certainly be wearing this necklace, very soon! The Christmas holiday, is right around the corner!


About axmattive

I'm a vintage and kitsch-loving, artsy kind of gal. Dolls are the main inspiration for most of my artwork, especially my drawings and illustrations. However, I'm also inspired by pop culture figures. I'm trying to branch out, to find my niche in art, and it's not easy, since I'm constantly inspired. One thing is for sure, though. Art will always have a place in my life, because I'm a creative person. Hopefully, if I have the chance one day, I can share it, with many people. Why? Well, I have that "spark," and it's my dream.
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2 Responses to Christmas Candy Garland Necklace!

  1. Can you model it for us? I really love your resourcefulness and creativity!

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