A Pretty Kitty Necklace, Literally!

Portrait of a Glamour Puss!

Portrait of a Glamour Puss!

I had a lot of fun, making this necklace! Like the “Strawberry Shortcake” necklace, this one is more detailed, than what I usually make. I added just a few more pieces, here and there, which helps accentuate the subject matter, quite a bit. It’s a very girly, piece of jewelry, which will again, be a lot of fun to wear.

The image features an illustration, of a fluffy, white cat grooming herself, in front of a small mirror. I’m guessing, it’s from the mid to late 1960s or early 1970s, since it’s a vintage illustration. I couldn’t find the artist’s/illustrator’s name, anywhere. The cat is cute, though. She’s the definition of “girly-girl,” with her pink hair bow and collar/necklace. Oh, and let’s not forget, her makeup!

I purchased a rectangular-shaped, silver bezel, with a semi-braided border. It’s larger than most of the bezels/pendants, I would normally purchase. However, it does work well, for the image. It resembles a mirror or frame, I think. Once I glued the image inside and sealed it, I recycled an older, clear rhinestone bracelet of mine, which was broken and cut it apart, with some of my jewelry making tools. Two strips had to be even on each side and across the top and bottom, as expected. So, once they were placed and arranged properly, I glued them down, inside the bezel. I also glued two of the rhinestones that wouldn’t come apart, onto the cat’s hair bow and one, onto her collar/necklace. Actually, it was easier than I thought, but it definitely requires patience. This is a technique I wanted to try, but only on certain necklaces. Next, I took a much smaller Austrian, crystal heart pendant, which is a gift from a friend, and let it hang, in front of the larger bezel. It’s flat on the front and pointed, on the back. It gives it more sparkle!

As for the beads, it was a little more difficult to select an appropriate strand or two, since there are so many, that I could have used, for this particular necklace. Finally, I settled on two strands. One, is a strand of smaller, round beads, that are clear and iridescent. The other one, is a larger strand, of ruby-shaped, transparent pink beads. The ruby-shaped beads, are strung towards the bottom and in the middle, with some of the round beads, separating them and the smaller, round beads, finish the necklace out. Talk about even more sparkle! They both work well, for the image.

It was more of a challenge pouring the resin, because there wasn’t as much room inside the bezel and also, I had to use a toothpick to guide it, in between the rhinestones. If it would have gotten onto the rhinestones, they would have lost their sparkle! That’s one thing, that doesn’t need to happen! I managed to do a good job, though. The only thing I’m concerned about, is the smaller, Austrian crystal heart bezel, since it’s pointed on the back. I’m just hoping it doesn’t leave a puncture mark, in the resin. It hangs over the top, of the larger bezel. I’ll just have to wear it and see, I guess.






About axmattive

I'm a vintage and kitsch-loving, artsy kind of gal. Dolls are the main inspiration for most of my artwork, especially my drawings and illustrations. However, I'm also inspired by pop culture figures. I'm trying to branch out, to find my niche in art, and it's not easy, since I'm constantly inspired. One thing is for sure, though. Art will always have a place in my life, because I'm a creative person. Hopefully, if I have the chance one day, I can share it, with many people. Why? Well, I have that "spark," and it's my dream.
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