Vintage-Inspired Necklace!

She sits in solitude.

She sits in solitude.

This is a recent necklace, I just made. I had originally intended for it to look different, but I had to make some changes. I will be discussing this, later on. However, I still like the finished product and I do think, it will make a nice, Fall necklace.

Once again, the image I selected, is special. It’s a painting, by Robert Sabin, which was featured on the front cover, of a paperback book, entitled, The Pig -Out Blues, by Jan Greenberg. I actually checked this book out, in my school’s library when I was much younger, but I was too young, to understand its plot. Years later, I found it again, in the book section in one of my favorite thrift stores. However, its cover illustration is different. I think it may be the original artwork, from when the book was first published. I was intrigued by the painting, though, which is why I checked out the book, in the first place. So, it was rather disappointing, not to find the one, with the newer illustration. This illustration is significant, in that it’s a scene, described in one of the chapters, in the book. All I can say, is that this artist did an excellent job, capturing the mood of the main character and the scene in the book.

I wanted to use a bezel/pendant, that has the gold/tarnished antique look, like I have used before, on other necklaces, but there were none that I felt were right, for the image. The only ones I could find, had no ring/opening at the top, for beading wire. Also, some of the other ones were not big enough and I just didn’t want to purchase one, I had already used. I like to make each of my necklaces different, if possible. So, I finally settled on a silver, oval-shaped one, with a thicker ring at the top, which meant, I wouldn’t have to use a jump ring, to hang it on the beading wire.

I was going to recycle a broken, Valentine’s Day necklace of my mother’s, to attach the bezel/pendant, but when I couldn’t find an appropriate gold/tarnished one, as mentioned before, I decided it wouldn’t work. The bezel I purchased, didn’t go with the necklace. I then, recycled some vintage pearls, originally from a couple of necklaces, a friend gave me. I cut them off of their strings and polished them, and I decided to use some of my clear, resin flower beads, to separate the pearls into sections, when stringing. It works well with the image. At least, I think so.

Again, I had a much easier time, pouring the resin, since I used the ice resin syringe. I would say, there was a little more room to pour it, as well, which always helps. There are no dust particles visible, and that’s very good, too! Overall, this will be a good conversation jewelry piece, to wear.

Oh, and as for the book, I re-read it and of course, it makes more sense, now that I’m much older. It’s actually a fairly, good story, even though, it would be considered dated, by today’s standards. It’s one of those 1980s paperbacks, so that’s expected.


About axmattive

I'm a vintage and kitsch-loving, artsy kind of gal. Dolls are the main inspiration for most of my artwork, especially my drawings and illustrations. However, I'm also inspired by pop culture figures. I'm trying to branch out, to find my niche in art, and it's not easy, since I'm constantly inspired. One thing is for sure, though. Art will always have a place in my life, because I'm a creative person. Hopefully, if I have the chance one day, I can share it, with many people. Why? Well, I have that "spark," and it's my dream.
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