The New Painting…..Finally!

Chantilly Lace

After several updates on my progress of this painting, on both my Facebook fan art page and this blog, I am finally ready to post the finished product. First off, I will say that it took much longer to finish, because I was actually afraid to work on it. It is the first, in a series, so, each piece will have something that ties them all together. This made me nervous. When it’s the first piece, the artist possibly spends more time trying to get every detail the way they envision it, while they ease up a bit, on the other pieces. I can’t speak for all artists, of course, but in this case, this is what I experienced. I had difficulty with a couple of areas, which I will discuss, later.

The title of this painting is, Chantilly Lace. I got it from the song of the same title, performed by the “Big Bopper,” in the late 1950s. I heard the song on the radio, when I was very young, and I’ve loved it ever since. I actually did a drawing of a young woman, when I was a freshman in high school and also called it, Chantilly Lace. It is not very good and lacks the detail, in this painting- I was lazy, then and did not want to work that hard. Both the older drawing and this painting, illustrate everything that the song lyrics describe. If you haven’t heard the song, look it up and give it a listen. Hopefully, you’ll see what I mean after that. Also, both of the young women have the same hairstyle, wear the same jewelry, and dress. It’s just that this painting is a more updated version.

I envisioned this young woman to be in her late teens or early twenties. I didn’t think of her as a brunette, but more of an ash blonde. While I painted her with a rather, serious expression, she still has the cute and charming persona. This is illustrated in her small, detailed rosettes, at the top of her ponytail and in the pretty, Chantilly lace at the bottom of her neckline. Her ponytail reminds me of Pablo Picasso’s “Sylvette” portrait or a vintage Swirl Ponytail Barbie doll. I would say, her “rosy” cheeks stand out the most, considering she’s wearing just a hint of makeup. She’s all about being feminine.

As with every art piece, there were challenges. Again, it was the skin tone and facial features. I kept painting her skin too dark and overdoing the shading, was another problem. I finally got to a point, where I was satisfied, which I never thought would happen! This is what I was scared to work on, so I kept procrastinating. Eventually, I had to dive in. She could be better, but I think the result is good.

You would think that the background would be simple, since it isn’t the focal point. Well, think again. I chose a light lavender color because it’s very pretty and reminds me of youth or even the Spring. This also goes, for the shades of pink. Obviously, the young woman is from an earlier time period. So, I created a simple design to complement this. I wanted it to be more suggested, but it’s not as easy as it looks. She looks as if, she could be a Southern Belle or one of the female characters, in the classic film, Gone with the Wind. I felt a scene with blossoms and column- like structures around her, would be a nice touch. Then, I painted a darker lavender color around her face and neck, making it blend in, a bit. It almost has a watercolor effect. I’m still unsure, as to whether it looks complete. However, I decided it was time to move forward.

I know the earring doesn’t match the rest of her attire, but I like the way it looks. After all, it was how I illustrated the earrings in the older drawing. Both earrings are visible in the drawing, though. Perhaps, her expression could be more pleasant, but as we know from looking at very old photographs, people didn’t smile as much. They were more serious. I do think that the whole piece looks nice, considering it was painted on a much smaller canvas.

It is acrylic on canvas and measures, 7 x 9 inches.



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Have a Happy 4th. of July!

Yes, it’s the 4th., again! I hope all of you who celebrate, will have a good one. Perhaps, I will have my newest art piece ready to post, after the holiday. Sorry for the long wait, but, thanks for your patience.

A beautiful, patriotic greeting- I love this illustrator’s style.


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It’s Father’s Day!

       Let us all remember, how special a father is. I’m thinking of my own today, as many are. He’s no longer with me, but I often reminisce of some of our moments together, which I consider special, too. I’m glad I have them. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

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Happy Early Mother’s Day!


Happy early Mother’s Day, to my Mom and all other mothers, everywhere! I hope you ladies have an enjoyable day, tomorrow!

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Another New Painting!


So, this is my “newest” painting. I spent almost the same amount of time on this one, as I did in the last painting. This one had even more challenges, including the fur coat which the young girl is wearing and the background. The inspiration for this idea, comes from a childhood memory. It is untitled, at the moment.

When I was a little girl, I used to enjoy trying on my Mom’s vintage, fur coat. It was stored in the closet, in the basement at my grandparents’ house. Well, with that being said, this memory serves as the inspiration, for this new illustration/painting. The only difference is that the young girl is clutching a fashion magazine, which by the way, is something else I enjoyed, even as a little girl. I used to leaf through them, like I do now, admiring the fashions of the time.

Again, I wanted the subject matter to be a little girl. I’m not too sure that I accomplished this, though. I think she looks more mature, but still fairly young. However, she’s involved in an activity, that even older girls can participate in and that’s playing dress up. The focus is on her, trying on the fur coat. Perhaps, trying to mimic a fashion model or her own mother. Her long, blonde hair is scattered about and she has a bit of a crooked grin, looking to gain approval. This offers a glimpse into childhood. Now, the fur coat is not as oversized as it could be, but I think the viewer will understand my vision.

Heather O’Rourke served as my model, for this painting. She is the late child actress, who gained fame in the Poltergeist films, among other roles. I felt she conveyed the quality of innocence I was after. I actually did a graphite drawing of her, back in the summer of 2012. You can find it under the category, 2012 Summer Art/Drawings, on this blog. Also, I used several other references for the pose of the young girl and the fur coat.

I don’t think that this painting really follows the “big eye” style. I worked a lot on the skin tone and facial features, until I was satisfied. She does have large eyes, just not in the typical “big eye” style. I would say, her expression is appropriate.

As in most of my illustrations and paintings, there are a few things that are a bit off. For one, I think her hands may be smaller than they need to be and her neck may be too long. Like I mentioned before, her coat should have been more oversized, just to show the “dress up” theme. I had problems painting it, too. Finally, I experimented with different brush techniques and figured it out.  The magazine she’s clutching, looks more like a newspaper, but I do think the advertisement is decent. It’s certainly legible.

I had some reservations about the background because I wanted to experiment in a different style. In my last painting, I worked in a more “abstract” style, for its background. For this one, I chose a more “modern” style, with muted colors. This is a style that was often done in vintage, “big eye” paintings, for the backgrounds. I decided to try it out, on a whim and I’m glad I did. It looks nice! I think this background makes the subject matter pop forward.

I’m satisfied with this painting. It is acrylic on canvas and measures, 11 x 14 inches.

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Easter Greetings!

Easter hugs!

Coincidentally, Easter falls on April Fool’s Day this year. However, don’t let that stop you, from having a Happy Easter!

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St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a very “GREEN” day!

Here’s a cute, vintage St. Patrick’s Day card.

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